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New Twist In Case Of Safe Deposit Box Theft A risk-free down…

New Twist In Case Of Safe Deposit Box Theft
A risk-free down payment box trick shows up to a minimum of be partially repaired, records Liz Collin (2:31).
WCCO 4 News At 10– March 5, 2020

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  1. That poor lady saved all her life and she lost her family heirlooms as well. I think who ever did this deserves to be put in the ground.

  2. no such thing as a “bank error,” it was a HUMAN THIEF! and why would they NOT have cameras focused in that area??, it’s all too fishy..also, who in their right mind would EVER leave their money or other belongings with that bank?? esp., when the police are obviously in cahoots by covering for tptb there. it doesn’t add up [no pun intended] and they should be SUED.

  3. How stupid are these people? When it is so clear that it was an error on the side of the bank – or even criminal behaviour – why don’t they just pay the 67 K and get this thing out of the news as fast as possible. I’d never do business with that bank now.

  4. This is so fucked. those boxes should not be able to be removed moved or anything. the bank should not have access to them. if there called safe then they should be under film 24/7 they should be insured and not be able to be tamperd with. and only box paying personal should be allowed in there. and when someone is in there they should only be able to goto there box only and that is it. people and government and banks are all crooks.

    1. Would have been so much safer in crypto. If elder people only understood code.
      I feel sorry for her, this is so messed up. She probably even paid for renting this “safe” deposit box.

  5. Well just a question was her safety deposit box have a two key system which the bank has a key and the client has a key and both keys are needed to open the box?

  6. and the moron police are saying its an “error” , theres got to be a connection where the police chief got some of the money to fudge the “investigation ” . come on now , theres only certain employees in charge of these boxes and this baloney about cameras not “seeing” who did it ! sure

  7. Safety Deposit Boxes!!
    Total Bullshit no such thing! The banks love to steal what does not belong to them! Not insured so tough shit when you get robbed!

  8. The bank has no responsibility for what is in the boxes. Really? Do they charge a fee and profit from customers who use the boxes for the “safe keeping” of their property? Are the boxes locked within the security of the banks vault? If the bank now has no responsibility, why do the customers have to pay a fee? The fact that the bank was not robbed, with no alarms going off, very clearly points to an inside job and an employee that has access to the boxes. The camera not covering the area is equally suspicious. How big is this vault? Sounds like the bank trying to side step its responsibility.

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