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Are Bank Safe Deposit Boxes Still Safe?

https://www.youtub NY Times simply lately released a message recording tales concerning exactly how people in the United States have in fact shed a lot of their treasured ownerships that were conserved in risk-free down payment boxes at their location financial institution branches. Up formerly, we have in fact thought that down payment boxes were a risk-free area to maintain our watch collections nevertheless this tale absolutely changes that.The message submits various tales concerning these losses, one also going over just how a gent shed a “vocal singing bird watch” – an equivalent one used in 1999 for around $775,000. Photo what it would certainly have chosen in today’s public auction setting.The preliminary article can be found right here: in! Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: options:.Seiko SKX: 5: Khaki King: PRS 516: Radical:

28 thoughts on “Are Bank Safe Deposit Boxes Still Safe?

  1. If you have valuables worth this kind of money, they should be insured. Not just kept in a safe deposit box. Most insurers offer a discounted rate on the property called a “vault rate”.

  2. There are risk of losing it at bank but its still safer in the bank then at home for most average people.

    1. Dad hahaha give me the location in case one day you forget where u bury it. Im ur backup

    1. You should be! My Wells Fargo box was cleared empty. Family jewelry, cash, personal documents all gone…

  3. All these inside jobs ! Yet so many have houses and new cars. They steal, sex traffic sell drugs. You dont know how your neighbor got stuff

  4. The same thing happened to my family this week at Wells Fargo!! Unbelievable that a bank of this size has so few controls in place to protect our most prized possessions

    If anyone has experience this with Wells Fargo, please contact me [email protected]

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